After seeing this, I am never throwing my egg shells in the trash again


My weekends include sleeping in, taking it slow, relaxing… and one other very important component: having eggs for breakfast.

Whether scrambled, sunny side up, or an omelette when I’m more in the mood, I always enjoy eating eggs.

The egg shells, of course, go straight into the trash… and are long forgotten.

But after reading this, that is definitely about to change.

It’s no secret that huge amounts of food are wasted every year. One thing we can certainly get better at is checking our proportions more carefuloly and only serving ourselves amounts we know we can eat.

But here’s something I’d certainly never considered: that things which seem completely inedible can actually have a really useful purpose. Take eggshells for example.

With approximately 90 percent of eggshells made up of pure calcium, a valuable mineral that is important for our muscles and bones, one might want to reconsider dumping their eggshells into the garbage can.

So how to make the most out of that precious calcium then? Simple – just have a look below:

Step 1

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Start by rinsing 12 shells in a colander. Rinse thoroughly, but make sure that the membrane of the eggs remain.

Step 2

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Put the egg shells in a pot of boiling water and make sure they stay below the surface. Boil for 10 minutes to get rid of any bacteria.


Step 3

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Remove the eggs from the water and shake any remaining water off. Put the egg shells on a baking tray and place in oven set to 400 F for 15 minutes.

Step 4

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When the shells have become very crispy, remove and let cool. Then blend the eggshells in a blender until it reaches a powder consistency.

Step 5

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You have now produced a completely natural calcium source that you can add to your meals: simply sprinkle over soups, desserts, sauces or drinks. The added calcium can help you keep your body and bones healthy!

Half a teaspoon contains about 400 mg of calcium, according to The Crunchy Housewife.

What a brilliant health idea that both saves money and the environment!  

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