Dying mom throws her baby in toilet to save daughter’s life


Jessica Arrendale was the proud mother of a little baby girl. At just 6 months old, she was the apple of her eye. Unfortunately, Jessica and her boyfriend had an unhealthy toxic relationship. It included various types of abuse and heightened to a disastrous level one evening. The boyfriend became unhappy with Jessica and started to physically assault her. When authorities were contacted by a neighbor hearing the gunshots, they immediately went to the scene.

The authorities and boyfriend went back and forth four over 12 hours in a standoff before entering the home. Jessica was discovered with wounds from a bat and a bullet in her head. She was hung over a toilet in the bathroom. The boyfriend killed himself after taking Jessica’s life. After discovering the two bodies, police realized that Jessica was not just hovering over the toilet, but she was, in fact, protecting her baby who she placed inside.

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She was using her body and toilet to guard her little girl as best as she could. Teresa, Jessica’s mom shared her thoughts of the horrible ordeal. “She was the hero because her last breath was saving the child.” The amazing love of a parent is shown in so many different ways. A reminder of God’s loves for us as our Heavenly Father.

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