No More Bathtub Scrubbing


No More Bathtub Scrubbing ! Here’s How



There is nothing better than relaxing in the bathtub after spending a long, hard day to feel some comfort, and of course it is dirty and rust is annoying, in addition to the unwanted shape, it will be a fertile environment for the spread of bacteria and germs. That is why Supramama will show you in the following lines the best ways to make your bathtub always clean with the least effort.


Get a spray and apply a little food vinegar, as it works to dissolve the dirt and rust in the bathtub.


Spray vinegar on all corners of the bathtub, and apply more to the dirty areas.

Leave the vinegar in the bathtub for a quarter of an hour, so it reacts with the dirt.

Get a sponge and make sure it feels soft, so you don’t scratch it.

Wipe the vinegar off with the sponge well, and repeat this process more than once to ensure the tub is clean.

Rinse the bathtub thoroughly with water until the trace of vinegar is removed completely, and enjoy a clean bathtub and a refreshing bath.

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