Active: 25 mins | Total: 1 hr 5 mins | Servings: 6 | Serving Size: 1 Slice

This just became my favorite! I feel like being a vegetarian after having this incredible quiche. I have listed all the ingredients and steps so all you need to do is to follow them step-by-step and you are good to go! It is perfect to eat for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!


2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

8 ounces sliced fresh mixed wild mushrooms such as cremini, shiitake, button, and/or oyster mushrooms

1 ½ cups thinly sliced sweet onion

1 tablespoon thinly sliced garlic

5 ounces fresh baby spinach (about 8 cups), coarsely chopped

6 large eggs

¼ cup whole milk

¼ cup half-and-half

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, plus more for garnish

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon ground pepper

1 ½ cups shredded Gruyere cheese


Step 1: Prepare the oven and preheat 375 degrees F.

Step 2: Apply cooking spray in a 9-inch then set aside.

Step 3: Place a large skillet on the stove and turn the heat to medium-high.

Step 4: Add in oil and allow it to become hot.


Step 5: Add in the mushrooms and cook for 8 minutes or until the color turns brown and tender.

Step 6: Add in garlic and onion. Sauté’ for about 5 minutes or until the garlic is aromatic and onion is translucent.

Step 7: Add in the spinach and cook for 1 minute or until cooked through. Remove the skillet from the heat.

Step 8: In a medium mixing bowl, add in the eggs, half-and-half, mustard, milk, thyme, salt, and pepper. Whisk until well mixed.

Step 9: Transfer the egg mixture into the mushroom and cheese mixture.

Step 10: Transfer into the greased pie pan. Place inside the preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes or until the color becomes golden brown.

Step 11: Remove from the oven and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

Step 12: Sprinkle thyme on top. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 276.6 calories; protein 17.1g 34% DV; carbohydrates 6.8g 2% DV; exchange other carbs 0.5; dietary fiber 1.5g 6% DV; sugars 3.2g; fat 20g 31% DV; saturated fat 8.2g 41% DV; cholesterol 220.2mg 73% DV; vitamin a iu 2126.7IU 43% DV; vitamin c 10.8mg 18% DV; folate 39.1mcg 10% DV; calcium 357.8mg 36% DV; iron 2mg 11% DV; magnesium 41.8mg 15% DV; potassium 289.1mg 8% DV; sodium 442.5mg 18% DV; thiamin 0.1mg 9% DV.

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