Walmart has a new cart that spies on you as you shop. Here’s what you need to know


Walmart is one of the most popular chains of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and also grocery stores.

Many of us do a weekly or bi-monthly trip to the grocery store and get out fridge and pantry stocked up. This is considered as a “one-stop-shop” perfect for those who do not have the time to come back after a few days.


When you come by a huge store like Walmart, you know that they have the ability to know what you are buying from them because everything is totaled when you check out. However, it seems like Walmart is not contented with this information that they get from you. They want to follow you around while you shop. Walmart wants to know what catches your attention, or what causes you to get excited, and maybe where you usually stop while you are roaming around the store. Introducing, the “Smart Cart.” Walmart Smart Carts are not present in the store yet, but a patent has already been applied for. These carts will provide feedback to Walmart about your shopping habits. There will be sensors on the cart that can read your pulse, walking speed, your palm temperature, and also how much force you exert when you push your cart around the store. The carts will also be able to detect if you are about to pass out. Now, this cart should be very smart if it is able to detect that! According to the patent, if say the cart is difficult to push, there is a feature where you can make it easier for you to move through the aisles. Walmart wants to monitor your biometrics so that they would be able to understand your shopping habits when you are inside the store. This information will be shared with a server, real time. If they feel that you are not satisfied with your shopping experience, a store employee will be dispatched to assist you. They will be using your stress response in connection with the location in order to plan product placement for better customer experience. The patent documents state that this technology is only going to be utilized for Walmart to offer better service and high overall customer experience. Some people believe that this might be true, but can also be a part of the story. Another questionable filed patent is also causing a buzz. Walmart might also use an audio technology to spy on conversations that take place between the customers and the cashiers while on the check out lane. Walmart wants to learn more about how the cashiers are treating the customers, or how many items have been scanned by simply listening to the rustling of the bags. For Walmart’s patent application which they called “Listening to the Frontend,” they states: “A need exists for ways to capture the sounds resulting from people in the shopping facility and determine the performance of employees based on those sounds.” With regards to these rumors, Walmart already released a statement saying that the company is always thinking about new gather and ways that can help them to further enhance how they serve their customers. This patent is a well-thought-of concept that would help Walmart gaher metrics and also improve the checkout process. Every information is for these benefits alone and is not intended for any other use.



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