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prep 5 mins | inactive 3 hours | total 3 hours, 5 mins

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yield 8 slices  


1 can either sliced or whole pineapple in its own juice (no sugar!) drained completely and left in can 1 small box any flavor SF Jell-O or other brand gelatin ½ the amount of water called for on the box


Instructions Prepare gelatin according to directions (except you are only using half the water, remember?) and pour directly into open can with pineapple still inside. Cover with cling wrap, or an open plastic sandwich bag, or I used the lids for Dusty’s dog food cans (clean of course!). Leave in fridge at least a couple of hours, I did it overnight because of course it was like 11pm when I started this J. When you’re ready to serve set can out for about 5 minutes at room temp, take a regular knife and slide it around the outside of the pineapple ring to separate it from the can. The if you watch my video you shake until either you or the jell-o give up. After the video my husband said “just put the lid back on, turn it over and use the can opener on the bottom”. Yeah yeah yeah…that worked. It’s so fun I took it to work and everyone, yes EVERYONE loved it! Source: http://www.ifyouhaveanegg.com



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