23 Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Plan


new-weight-watchers-freestyle-program If you started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program recently, you may be shocked at how few points you get compared to some of the older plans. The good news is, there are now 200+ Zero Point Foods, including chicken, beans, and even corn! The bad news? Well, there really isn’t any! Even if you only get 23 points (which is the minimum for Freestyle), you can eat plenty of food. There’s no reason to be hungry with yummy Weight Watchers recipes! Here is a 5 day 23 Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Plan to help you organize your eating this week! [irp posts=”14876″ name=”How to do Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan for Free”]


23 Point Weight Watchers Meal Plan

You’ll notice each day doesn’t even come close to adding up to 23. This is to allow you the freedom to choose extras (like crackers, bread, chips, etc) as well as a few low point snacks to keep you full. You can also eat fruit, as it’s zero points. With more than 200 zero point foods, it can actually be difficult to eat all of your points. You can go under by up to 10 or above by up to 5 and still be in the “healthy” range according to Weight Watchers. If you find your weight loss stalling, though, you’ll want to cut back a little on the carbs and fruit, and increase your water intake.


Breakfast: Baked Breakfast Taquitos – 4 SmartPoints (for 2 taquitos) Lunch: Easy Egg Salad with 2 slices of one point bread – 3 SmartPoints Dinner: Weight Watchers Taco Casserole – 1 SmartPoint CLICK NEXT PAGE TO CONTINUE …

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