5 Chair Exercises That Burn The Belly Fat Like Crazy While You Sit

If you spend most of their day sitting at your desk at work, you definitely need to try these chair exercises, since they can help you stay in shape while you sit!

The average American citizens has just 4 hours of free time a day, and in the majority of cases, this time is spent in front of the TV or on the social networks! Furthermore, the average US mother has about 36 minutes of free time a day! Still, you don’t have excuses no more, because you can exercise at home with these great chair exercises! Denise Austin, the fitness trainer on the video below reveals these five easy exercises for workaholics and busy women. Still, don’t forget to eat a healthy and balanced diet. The following exercises will make up some free time in order to work out and reach the body line you have always dreamed of!

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