5 Simple Steps To Doing Weight Watchers FREE


If you are a weight loss enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard or come across the weight watchers program. For several years, the program has been used as a standard way to shed extra weight in a healthy manner. However, if you are living on a budget, like many of us, it might sound unrealistic to spend your cash on monthly bills for the online program and even local meetings. To help you save your hard-earned money, I have taken the time to summarize some simple steps to doing weight watchers program for free. Start your health journey today with these useful tips and save more money way down the road.

Follow these Steps for doing weight watchers program for free without paying a penny. :

1. Find out how many points you are entitled 

You can determine how many points you are allowed by using the new points plus system or the old version system, depending on your preference. The general idea is that both versions can give good results if used correctly.

However, the points plus system is popular these days among many people. When using this system, you should remember that Points Plus system doesn’t calculate all vegetables and fruits into your points allowances every day.

The points plus version awards 49 bonus points for use over the course the week. You should consider using these points throughout the week rather than in a single meal. When you spread them over the course of the week, you learn to balance and control your body. For weight loss watchers, the minimum number of points you can consume is twenty-six, and the maximum is seventy-one per day.

2. Know how to calculate points in your food

You can determine the points in your food either by using online tools or a calculator, depending on what is available. However, it is imperative to note that most homemade and processed foods are easier to determine, especially if you are taking exact measurements before you eat them at home.

Consider using a kitchen weighing scale every time you are serving to evaluate your food, at least until you know the exact ounces or size of servings you use. Once you know the size of your servings or ounces, you may not need to measure your food from time to time. For instance, you can find more of these recipes at

3. Make use of weight watchers friendly recipes

Using weight watchers friendly recipes is another simple and healthy way to learn how to use the weight watchers program for free. You can find some of these weight watchers recipes in blogs, magazines, and even Pinterest. These resources will give you useful information including points calculated substitutes that are not just Weight Watchers friendly but also tasty as well. Its saves you cost as you do not incur money on buying special meals and special ingredients to follow the weight watchers program.


In fact, there are tailored sites where you can find weight watchers friendly recipes that give you up to date information including latest recipes that are tasty.

4. Join an accountability Group

Ask any of your friends if they interested in joining you on the weight watchers program and try to motivate each other from time to time. You can invite them to your place and discuss some of the common challenges you face and try to help each other.

There are also Facebook pages and groups you can join to meet members who are undergoing the same program. To connect, just go online and browse your email contacts, facebook groups, twitter as well as other online forums and find your colleagues. I recommend using to connect with other weight loss enthusiasts.

5. Start moving 

At the end of the day, you should realize that your overall weight loss program will depend on your exercise input. Try you include an exercise regimen in your daily routine to boost metabolism in your body. With improved metabolism, your body can lose extra weight faster and efficiently.

Start with simple exercises such as talking walks then try vigorous exercises jogging and running around your neighborhood to increase your strength and endurance.

You can as well try using a free trial to a site such as Daily Burn to jumpstart you towards success. Start with shorter sessions, preferably 10-minute sessions and build up your endurance and energy as you continue with the training.

To conclude, you can quickly follow these simple steps to doing weight watchers for free without going through lots of trouble, helping you attain your weight loss and health targets. This program also emphasizes on healthy diets such as vegetables, lean fruits, lean meats as well as other healthy foods that help you monitor your weight.

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