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5 Weight Watchers Breakfasts with 5 Points or Less


1. Crustless Asparagus Quiche
With just 2 SmartPoints, this easy recipe is a smart way to fuel up for the day without extra calories or carbs. This mix-and-bake quiche is one of those no-fuss breakfast dishes you can count on to start your day the right way.

Crustless Asparagus Quiche

2. Flourless Banana Pancakes

One serving of these tasty pancakes has just 2 SmartPoints, making this an excellent breakfast recipe. It’s the ideal no-hassle breakfast, because there are not many ingredients to combine. If you have time, make a double batch and freeze the extra batter so that you can enjoy an even easier healthy breakfast on your craziest mornings.

Old Fashioned Pancakes


3. Breakfast Yogurt Parfait to Go

Why opt for sugary yogurt varieties, when there’s such a deliciously healthy alternative in naturally-sweetened Greek yogurt? The fruits included in the recipe can be swapped out with your seasonal favorites to provide you with a nutritious breakfast to-go!

Breakfast Yogurt Parfait To Go

4. Skinny Breakfast Sausage

Have a few points to spare? Our sausage recipe has no artificial ingredients, such as nitrates, compounds normally found in sausages which are suspected of raising your risk of cancer.  This is a simple side dish that pairs well with other low-point Weight Watchers breakfast recipes.

Skinny Breakfast Sausage


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