9 Exercises To Burn Abdominal Fat In 20 Days


It is really important to be careful with your abdominal fat, and it is not because it looks unattractive, but it is because it can be dangerous for your health. People that have more abdominal fat have increased risk of dementia and diabetes.

Even though it is really hard to burn the fat around the stomach, with the right exercises and perfect diet you can burn abdominal fat fast and easy.

In this article you will read about belly-busting exercise routine and there is beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of this routine. It is obvious that you will first start with the beginner level and after that you should increase the levels.

Beginner level:

1. Front plank – The starting position here is on your hands and knees and you should pull your chest down until the forearms are touching the floor and your elbows should be kept aligned with the shoulders. Slowly start with pulling up your knees in order to transfer the weight on your toes. You should contract your glutes together with your legs and they should be kept straight. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and after some period you should increase the time.


2. Hip lifts – Here the starting position is lying on the floor on your left side with knees bent and your body should be supported by your left elbow. Now you will need to lift the right arm up and to pull up the left hip. After that your will need to lower the hip but it should be without touching the ground. You will need to do 2 sets with 15 repetitions on each set.

3. Butterfly crunch – Here the starting position is lying on the ground on your back and your under parts of the feet should be touching (keep them as closer as you can). Now beneath your head, place your hands and pull the chest off the floor (but you should not pull up the lower back) and after that return to the starting position. You will need to do 3 sets with 10 repetitions on each set.

Intermediate level:


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