Be careful when you buy food: what do the white stripes on chicken meat mean?


According to a recent study in an Italian medical journal, the fat in chicken meat has increased by 224% in the last few decades, while the protein percentage has significantly dropped.

This can be seen by the characteristic white lines on a piece of chicken meat, which are increasingly more pronounced in recent times. Lots of scientists are worried by this phenomenon, which destroys the tonus of animal muscles.


Be careful when you buy food what do the white stripes on chicken meat mean


The next time you’re in the market, observe the pieces of chicken meat – they all have white vertical lines running through them. However, most people don’t pay attention to the lines and don’t consider them worthy of mention.


Experts have been warning us for years, but we have stayed deaf to their claims, which has resulted in chicken meat of lesser quality.


According to one study that tested 285 pieces of chicken meat, 96 of the pieces had a white streak on them, which lowers the quality of the meat and is a sign of increased fat percentage.


The manufacturers are trying their best to make their chicken bigger, feeding them with growth hormones that increase their size. In the 50s, the average chicken weighed around 1.3 kg., while nowadays, the average weight of a 47-day old chicken is 3 kg.


However, even with the white lines on the meat, nutritionists still recommend chicken meat over any other type of meat.

They say that as long as it’s not combined with carbs, chicken is the best source of protein, iron, vitamin A, B and B12. Still, the fact remains that chicken is fattier than before, so the choice is up to you.

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