Chiropractor shares 7 tips for better back and neck health. Here’s what you need to know


Back and neck pain can weigh you down at work, leave you sore in the evening, and make it hard to go to sleep at night.

Chiropractors know a thing or two about how to treat back and neck pain, and they can offer some helpful tips about what to do and what not to do to prevent or alleviate pain in the back and neck. So check out these tips from the masters of the trade, and put that back and neck pain in the rearview mirror.


Correct Sleeping Postures

Sleeping in the right positions can work wonders for back and neck pain. Chiropractors recommend never sleeping on your stomach. The preferable way to sleep, according to chiropractors, is on your back with a pillow under your head and neck area and another pillow under your knees. If you are the type of person who can’t sleep unless you are on your side, a pillow between the knees is recommended.

Safe Lifting Techniques

When lifting heavy objects, chiropractors suggest you bend at the knees, avoid twisting, keep your back straight, and lift with the muscles in your arms and legs, not the muscles in your back. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees, and lift as you straighten up. When engaging in repetitive lifting activities, make sure to take plenty of breaks so that you don’t fall into improper technique due to fatigue.


Proper Phone Use

In this day and age, everyone is looking at their phones, and usually practicing bad posture while doing so. As you text, search the web, watch videos, or scan social media sites, you are probably craning your neck down in a C-shape, your chin almost resting on your chest. Chiropractors recommend holding the phone out with your hands at nearly eye level, as craning your neck down toward a low screen for extended periods can be horrible for neck pain.


Use Car Headrest

People spend a lot of time in cars, traveling from place to place. Why not take this time to give your neck a much-needed rest? According to chiropractors, resting your head on the car headrest while driving will bring your head into a naturally comfortable position and release some tension in your overworked neck muscles.

Get the Right Mattress

Chiropractors recommend a mattress of medium firmness for better back and neck health. A mattress that is too firm can be rigid and ungiving, while a super-soft mattress can offer less than enough support. A mattress with medium firmness is better than others to help minimize any curvature of the spine during sleep.

Don’t Crack your Neck

Do you like to pop or crack your neck? Chiropractors strongly urge against it. Though it may feel as if you are relieving pressure, you are probably just making it worse. Popping or cracking the neck without the proper chiropractic knowledge is likely to damage surrounding joints instead of fixing them.

Sit With Correct Posture

Posture is important to back and neck health, whether you are standing, sitting, or sleeping. Try to sit up straight, of course, but also avoid crossing your legs. Chiropractors recommend sitting with your feet flat on the floor, or flat on an elevated foot rest, reducing pressure on your lower back while you sit. Also, if you are sitting at a computer for much of your workday, elevate the screen to eye level to promote good posture.

Back and neck pain is a big burden to bear. Sometimes, back and neck pain can be alleviated by simple lifestyle changes. These seven tips will put you well on your way to better back and neck health. If you are experiencing severe back and neck pain, however, seek the help of a chiropractor or physician.

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