Here’s Why You Should NEVER Sleep Near Your Cell Phone!


A lot of people sleep with their mobile phone under their pillow or at the night stand just out of their reach.

They may do this because they are waiting for a call or a text, because they use the alarm clock, because they fear that they may miss some call or a text or just because they are obsessed with the social media. Although when doing this they may not have bad intentions, the truth is that it is bad for your health. Keeping your mobile phone on and near you while you try to sleep is really dangerous for your health and here’s why:

1. You may set your room on fire
It may be hard to believe, but you can really start a fire with your mobile phone. For example, if you are sleeping and your mobile is under your pillow, just one spark can quickly ignite these dry materials and start a fire right under your nose. If you don’t believe this, just search Google about one teenager from Texas who changes the battery of her phone with a non-original battery (for Samsung 4) and there was a spark that set her pillow on fire while she was sleeping. This is very common with non-original batteries.

2. You will reduce your sound sleep
It is not advisable to have your mobile phone near you while you sleep because the sound from it can disturb you. You have to sleep without being disturbed usually for 8 hours in order to be fresh and revitalized every day. So, if you leave your phone next to you during the night, it may wake you up as a result of an e-mail, message, chat, a phone call, or when from the sound when something is downloading or upgrading. Furthermore, the mobile phone emits blue light during the night. It has been proven that this light has an effect on our body’s production of melatonin and disrupts our body clocks. This light is similar to the light from the sun so the body things that it is still day instead of night. That is why you should turn off your mobile before going to sleep in order for your body to relax properly and sleep well.


3. Little traces of radiation
Experts are still debating if the cell phone can trigger cancer, however it is already proved that it releases a small amounts of electromagnetic radiation when it is turned on. Even though the researches are having doubts about the effect from this on the long-term it is know that this radiation is the same as the one from the microwave and X-ray devices. The risk for the health from this is not 100 % definitive, however the World Health Organization published one research that stated that the phones can be dangerous for the children because their skull is thinner in comparison to the adults. So, if they leave the phone next to them in the night these traces of radiation can enter in their skull very easy and may cause harm, althous this is still being researched. However it is better to stop it with time, than to deal with its consequences later in your life.

4. Consequences on your activities though the day
So, if you phone is ringing or beeping during the night you will not get a proper rest. So, in the morning the children will find it difficult to focus on their homework tasks, and thus may have a result on their grades. Then the adults will be unable to concentrate at work and would feel tired all day. So, they will go to bed feeling tired and wake up the next morning feeling even tired than before. So, this condition will repeat every night, because your brain and body will struggle to get a proper sleep, while the phone will be disrupting that. This can cause problems especially for those who need to travel to work, because the drivers can fall asleep of be unfocused while they are driving due to the tiredness.

5. Disrupts the functioning of the brain
You may thing that you sleep properly but your brain gets interrupted from the radiation of the phone if it is near. It is important for the brain to go through a number of sleep cycles at night in order for you to be fresh and charged in the morning. You brain activity is actually interrupted by the sounds and the light from the phone. There were researches made about this situation on healthy guinea pigs that were then exposed to Wi-Fi radiation for only 45 minutes, thus resulting with lowering the level of energy in comparison to those who slept having no cell phones near them. To prevent this, it is advisable to buy an alarm clock, and turn off the phone in order to avoid the disturbance and fell fresh every morning.

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