How many Weight Watchers Smart Points in your favourite take-away foods?


Whether it’s burgers, bakes or milkshakes, we find out how much you’ll have to budget


How many SmartPoints are there in some of these tasty treats?

Now we’re in 2017, the chances are that we’re all thinking of trying to shed a few excess pounds.

But the good news is that doesn’t mean going without all our favourite foods completely – whether that’s a burger, bake or a delicious milkshake.

If you’re a member of Weight Watchers, you will know that it allocates every food a SmartPoints value based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein.

Calories set the baseline for how many SmartPoints a food is worth, while sugar and saturated fat increase SmartPoints and protein lowers the number of SmartPoints that something “costs.”

Each member receives a SmartPoints budget based on their gender, age, height and weight, and which is split into a daily allowance and a weekly allowance, and you can ‘spend’ it on whatever you like.

The minimum daily allowance is 30, and the maximum is 93. Whatever you don’t use, you lose. The weekly allowance starts at 14 and goes up to 42, and is ideal if you want to add a treat or two to your regular diet.

But what can you actually afford on your budget?

Here are how many SmartPoints there are in some of those favourite treats.


How many SmartPoints are in a McDonald’s Big Mac?

Big Mac – 17SP

Double Cheeseburger – 15SP

Chicken Caesar Salad with and without dressing – we only have the grilled chicken salad with no dressing for 2SP

Grilled Chicken Salad (no dressing) 2SP

Crispy Chicken Salad (no dressing) 7SP

Fajita Style Dressing (30g) 1SP

Balsamic Dressing (30g) 1SP

Chocolate Milkshake – Small 9SP, Medium 18SP, Large 23SP


Sausage roll – 13SP

Cheese and onion pasty – 17SP

Steak bake – 14SP

Cheese and tomato pasta – 13SP

Caramel custard doughnut – 13SP

Burger King

Bacon double cheeseburger – 12SP


Big King sandwich – 19SP

Whopper sandwich – 20SP


1/2 chicken – 12SP

Veggie burger – 13SP

Caesar salad with and without dressing – 9SP with dressing

Grilled chicken burger – 9SP

Pizza Hut

Meat Feast Sharing Stuffed Crust Pizza (14in) per Slice – 10SP

The Virtuous Veg Feel Good Flatbread is 2SP per slice

Mac and Cheese pasta – 28SP

Salted Caramel Milkshake – 30SP


The Fillet Burger – 12SP

Bargain bucket:

14 piece bucket per person – 30SP

6 piece bucket per person – 18SP

BBQ Wrap -7SP

Maltesers Krushems – 16SP


Primo flat white – 6SP full fat, 3SP skimmed

Primo Americano, Skimmed Milk – 0SP

Primo Americano, Soya Milk – 0SP

Primo Americano, Whole Milk – 1SP

Primo, Cappuccino, Whole Milk, 5SP

Primo, Hot Chocolate, Skimmed Milk, 7SP

Primo, Hot Chocolate, Whole Milk, 10SP


Regular flat white – Full fat 5SP

Regular Americano – 0SP

Tall cappuccino – full fat 5SP, skimmed 3SP

Tall hot chocolate (no cream) – full fat 9SP, skimmed 7SP

Classic Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, Tall, Skimmed Milk, 10SP

Classic Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, Tall, Whole Milk 12SP

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