How To Cut Down All Your Excess Fat With The 8-Hour Diet Plan


The “Eight-hour Diet” is a plan for the weakening of David Zinczenko and Peter Moore, which they put into the book: “Eight-hour Diet-Watch the pounds disappear without watching what you eat!”. With this diet, David promises readers that they can lose a lot of pounds and eat whatever they want. Is not this the dream of every lover of food? BUT THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT RULE – You can ONLY eat in a time interval that lasts exactly 8 hours – there is no meal outside this interval. Otherwise, this concept is not new and so far there have been several diets that recommend post replacement and normal care, with a limited time frame (week-two). And this is why this and similar diets are based on the theory that the human body is designed for periods of more eating and then periods of fasting, i.e not food intake. So, there are cycles of 8 hours when you literally eat (well, do not hold a word-a measure must always exist), then a cycle of 16 hours when nothing is eaten. And so every day. Over the course of 16 hours, the human body must be concentrated on rest and recovery, not constantly on digestion of food.


We have already learned that within 24 hours, only one interval of 8 hours consumes food. Now, the question is, which eight-hour period is the best for us? Most diets argue that the ideal period is from 9 to 17, but in practice, the period from 8 to 16 or 10 to 18 is not unusual. Which period to choose: the only and basic thing is within it, to eat all the planned daily calories.! So, the time interval can be adjusted depending on your daily schedule and may even be different on different days during the week. The diet should begin with a 3-day eight-hour schedule of food intake, and over time increase to 7 days. [irp posts=”16215″ name=”Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home”]



There is no food forbidden in this diet, but do not let this diet be an excuse to overdo it. The only exceptions to this rule are sweet drinks because the eight-hour diet does not include calories found in drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), but this does not mean cannot be consumed-certainly, moderately.

The simple logic behind this 8-hour diet is that your weight will be lost without taking care of your calories, as with any other diet plan.


This diet gives your body a chance to reset when you are eating only food for a period of eight hours. This, in turn, allows your body to process nutrients and effectively eliminate toxins the way it should. The 8-hour Diet stimulates the function of mitochondria, an energy source that is inside the cells of your body. This maximizes the production of energy and reduces the level of intracellular damage caused by poor nutrition. This slows down aging and reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.   According to the authors, a lifestyle in this modern era, where most people sit at work for 9 hours, do not give your body enough time to burn all the calories that are needed to burn. With this diet, calorie intake is limited to an eight-hour period, while the rest 16 hours a day give the whole body the opportunity to rest, to stretch and relax freely. CLICK NEXT PAGE BELOW TO CONTINUE READING …

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