How To Get A Flat Stomach In Just 5 Days – Results Are Guaranteed


Experienced British fitness trainer Amanda Ursel and Nikki Vatermen made an ​​excellent plan on how to get a flat stomach in just 5 days. The foundation of this routine are a few tips, and for all those who adhere to them, the results are guaranteed.

If you feel heavy and bloated, and worry how you will look in your new clothes especially purchased for an event, it’s the right time to devote on creating healthy food habits.Get A Flat Stomach In Just 5 Days - Results Are Guaranteed

Position of the body and chewing

The main factor is to sit while you eat slowly and chew with your mouth. The longer you are chewing on a mouthful, the less you eat.

Avoid juices and drinks

Sweetened fruit juices, sweetened mineral water and soft drinks are high in calories and cause flatulence in your stomach. So practice to only drink water when you are thirsty.


Avoid artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners that include sorbitol, mannitol and lactitol are digested in the intestines of the stomach where many bacteria feed on them. Therefore the abdomen and intestines produce additional emissions that hamper the digestion. It is best to use brown sugar, but in small quantities.

Beware of resistant starch

As a rule starch is easy to digest, but there is a starch that is resistant to the digestion enzymes. He fails to be absorbed in the small intestine, so passes undigested into the colon. Because of this starch, flatulence is often caused in the intestines. This starch is found in beans, bananas, rice, potatoes and mushrooms.

Avoid vegetables that cause flatulence

Beans, cabbage and onions are part of foods that cause flatulence in the stomach. In the days when you want to look perfect, make sure you avoid them.

Drink probiotics

The good bacteria from yogurt, helps in digestion to reduce the amount of air in the intestines, and scientists from the University of Manchester proved that probiotics reduce flatulence in the stomach.

Reduce the salt

Experts argue that limiting the amount of salt that we enter in the body of only 3 grams per day can significantly reduce the flatulence in our stomach. Salt binds with water, thus causing flatulence. The most of the amount of salt that people enter is through snacks, chips etc.. Source: healthyfoodteam

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