How To Remove Back Pain With This Simple Exercise


The cost of his unsuitable way of walking man pays it with various diseases of the spine. But the problem of osteochondrosis has never been as serious as it is today, specialists have concluded that osteochondrosis is one of the most prevalent diseases. The main reason for this problem lies in the very person: in the way of his life and in his relationship to his spine. It is shameful how little we know about the spine in the best case, we will remember the pictures from the textbook in anatomy, and in most cases, we do not even think that the state of the organism is conditioned by the condition of the spine. For years we can treat pharyngitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, inconveniences in the sex area, wondering why treatment does not produce results, and not assume that the main cause is the disordered spine.

If we add to this the way of life that the modern man is leading, then it becomes clear why the diseases of the spine are so prevalent today. We are a civilization that is very small. We are overeating, and we remain undernourished because we eat lifeless food. Muscles atrophied due to lack of exercise. From the wrong way of life, the spine becomes tight and deformed. Cartilage and discs between vertebrae are destroyed due to lack of physical activity and poor circulation of blood in adjacent tissues. The spine appears to be “dry”. Many people from 60-70 years old become 8-13 cm lower, and some in the old age even bend. [irp posts=”18304″ name=”9 Easy Stretches That Will End Your Hip and Lower Back Pain Suffering”] Of the many diseases that “reward” our spine, the most prevalent scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine. Often scoliosis occurs in children due to improper sitting in school desks, and if the spine of time does not correct, scoliosis is retained for a long time.


How is the “Goldfish” exercise done?

Initial position: to lie on the back, on a flat surface or on the floor, to lay your hands under your head and to stretch out, your legs also stretch as far as possible, the feet to rely on the heels, and the toes to stretch in the direction of the face. The heels and legs are glued to the floor. CLICK NEXT PAGE BELOW TO CONTINUE READING …

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