Ideal Exercises For Your Body Type


Exercising will give you the results you expect only when you adjust your training to the specific shape of your body. In this article we will give you the four most common body types, and once you determine which part of your body needs the most attention, you will be able to choose the right exercise for your shape.


Pear Shape

If your body shape resembles a pear, you have a body shape similar to Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Love Hewitt. With this shape, the upper part of your body is thinner than the lower part.

In pear-shaped bodies, the hips and thighs are the central part, so if you have this shape, you should focus on exercises that involve these parts. But, you should also do some exercises for the upper part of your body, including activities that involve your arms and shoulders. This is important, because the upper part needs as much attention as the lower part.

It is important to add walking, running, and riding a bicycle to your daily training. Exercise for 45 minutes per day, 5 times a week. These physical activities will not put excess pressure on your knees, ankles and hips. For your arms and shoulders, start exercising with some lighter weights, and increase the weight gradually.


If you have this shape, you are lucky to be in the same group as Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. You can wear practically anything you like — the only “problem” is that you lack feminine curves. In this body type, the bust and shoulders have the same width as the hipline and the waist.


When gaining weight, these women have to struggle with abdominal fat. The training should include exercises that tighten the stomach muscles and burn the fatty deposits in this area.

This will eventually accentuate your shape. Perform exercises that will increase the muscle mass of your buttocks. Squats and stair-climbing are perfect for this body type. Remember to activate the other parts of your body, by riding a bicycle, walking uphill and running.


This is considered the ideal body shape. These women have tiny waists and proportional sizes of their shoulders to their hips. Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry are just some of the beauties in this group.

The weight is evenly distributed in these women. They need to do some exercises for tightening, and they are at a higher risk of getting excess fat on their thighs and upper arms.

Cardio and tightening exercises are perfect for women with this body shape. Zumba, swimming, and riding a bicycle are the best choices. If you want to tighten your body and build some muscle mass, it’s important to strengthen your upper back.

Athletic Shape

Jessica Biel has this body shape. It is characterized by narrow hips and wide shoulders. These women typically have a hard time finding a 2-piece swimsuit to fit them,  because usually one part of the swimsuit is good, and the other is either too big or too small.

Women with athletic shapes should focus on tightening their stomach muscles and shaping their thighs and buttocks. And due to their typically strong immune systems, these women can build muscles and burn fat more easily.

These women should do exercises that do not require much strength and repetition, such as riding a bicycle, running and other similar exercises.


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