Lose Your Weight Without Starvation and Exercise: Lie Only 3X a Day For 5 Minutes, But in This Way!


Exercise is always looked down upon from people who dislike movement and sudden changes in their lifestyle. But, that has come to an end. Japanese physician Fukutsudzi has been helping women lose pounds faster than you can imagine since the last ten years. He has a different way that has never been heard of or even known before.

Lose-your-weight-without-starvation-and-exercise-Lie-only-3X-a-day-for-5-minutes-but-in-this-way Fukutsudzi has released his own book that explains in detail his method of losing weight. The book has sold 6 million companies in Asia alone. He says that there is no need for you to prepare any certain exercise tools. Just a large towel, a string or twine to fasten your towel in a roll and a level surface! You will need to use that flat surface 3-5 times a day. This weight loss method is super easy and can be applied effortlessly. All you have to do is lie in a certain position for a few minutes regularly. Our trusty physician has revealed to us that the main reason behind you packing fat on your abdominal area is because of the adjustment of your subcostal and pelvic bone. After he discovered the relation of these two bones, he just as quickly found out how you can effortlessly remove fat from your abdominal section.

The technique is real simple:

1.   Roll your towel up tight and fasten it with your string/twine. 2.   Sit on your flat surface. 3.   Bring the rolled towel under your back right beneath your navel area and ease yourself to a sleeping position. Ensure that the towel’s width is bigger than your back’s. 4.   Spread your legs to a shoulder-wide position and bring your big toes together so as they can merely touch. 5.   Now do the same with your arms. Bring them level to your ears and bring your palms to the ground so as your two pinkies (smallest fingers) meet.


At first sight, you might think of this routine as simple but when it is implemented it is a lot tougher. Uncomfortable is the word for it! If you try and can’t bring your pinkies to meet make sure to keep your big toes touching. Repeat this procedure three times a day for 5 minutes. Starting off it will feel very weird and painful but if it hurts then it you should keep it up for as long as possible. That is if you aim to see visible results. After you are done with one 5 minutes session don’t hurry to stand up immediately but instead turn on your side then slowly sit up. In that way, you can stand up quickly and easily. Take note if you are currently suffering from any spinal injury or paining do NOT implement this secrecies and consider consulting your doctor then carrying it out. This procedure isn’t normally hard but in the first few days it will be painful. That is because your pelvic and subcostal are coming back to their respected places. Some people are advised to start off with 2-minute sessions then gradually increasing. It is to be mentioned again that after every session (that is normally 5 minutes) your bones and ankles tend to be inflexible at first. So avoid sudden and hasty movements. Repeat the aforementioned procedure. First turn on your side. Then sit up. Slowly! Then you can stand up. That is also gradually. This exercise is mainly looked at as some type of stretching, which it is. But, one that makes drastic changes and differences in people’s lives in a matter of days. If you are a little double minded on all this, remind yourself that there is nothing to lose for this exercise is fail safe and completely harmless. Also do not forget to measure your weight before starting this routine. A few people who have been regular with this exercise have stated that within their first week they started seeing visible results. One took it to one of her success stories to resound her success after losing a noticeable 2cm from her waist and actually adding 0.8 cm to her height. You may not believe it but as we said before it is a failsafe routine that is worth a try. It is also said to revamp your posture which will make you happier and healthier. Source:Healthy Life Vision

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