Nutella Brownie Cookies are a chocolate twist on one of your favorite recipes. A fudgy, soft cookie with a smooth Nutella center, one of the chocolatiest cookies you’ve ever experienced! 

You might remember similar versions of these Nutella Brownie Cookies. A peppermint patty flavor, a cookie dough flavor, and of course, our most popular recipe, a peanut butter flavor. I have an enormous sweet tooth for these things. So do many other people I know! The problem was, we had covered all our basic flavors for these cookies. Or so we thought!

An idea struck my mom and me as World Nutella Day crept closer. Uhhh…hello! Nutella inside a fudgy cookie?! That would be the PERFECT way to celebrate Nutella! My only thought was, ‘WOW’!


So we have a simple chocolate cookie. We have a Nutella and powdered sugar mixture formed and placed on the baked cookie.  What next? Well, if you’re a chocolate lover like me, the obvious answer is: more chocolate!

We chocolate lovers know the necessity of TWO layers of chocolate on a very chocolaty cookie.  It’s essential. I’ll take the most chocolate possible on my cookie please, then double it.

If these cookies didn’t already have a name, I’d call them “Little Bites of Heaven!”

Actually, my youth group leader made up a better name for these cookies. We’ve given him different versions of these cookies before, so when he saw these cookies come into our youth group Sunday morning, he got SO excited. He calls them “little balls of goodness” which made me laugh, because that sounds like something that my brother would say!

A dangerous factor of these cookies is that they’re incredibly easy to make. That’s for those of you with little patience.

You start with a brownie mix. If you’ve never tried brownie mix cookies, you are missing out. Add an egg, 1/2 stick of butter and 1/2 a block of cream cheese to the dry brownie mix. Mix it up, scoop out 24 mounds of dough, and bake them.

While they’re baking, you make the Nutella center which is 1 cup of Nutella, 1 cup of powdered sugar and 3-4 tablespoons of heavy cream. Mix that mixture well and roll it into 24 balls. Then as soon as they’re done (no waiting for them to cool!! Yay!) you stick those “balls of goodness” right in the middle of the cookies. Now if you really want to, you can eat them right then and there. But to make them extra delicious and good, we pour melted milk chocolate on top. We went an extra step and drizzled melted dark chocolate over the milk chocolate.

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