Put A Slice Of Black Onion On Your Tooth And Let It For 15 Minutes, Here’s What Happens!

Medical experts claim that onions have beneficial effects on the teeth, in the same way as the natural medicines. Read this article carefully and find out how onions can help you.

Everyone loves grilled food with souses and a salad with onion. However, do you know which healthy nutrients the onion contains? It is not only efficient for the overall health, but also it can be used in various ways as a natural medicine.

You may not know that the onion is very beneficial for tooth problems. Onions can sooth tooth pain, or any other health problems. If you have tooth pain, put a slice of onion on your teeth. The pain will disappear immediately. All you have to do is to leave the onion slice for a couple of minutes on the tooth, and it will sooth the pain.

The reason for this is very simple. The onions contain anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Once you bite an onion and it releases its juice in your mouth, you can successfully fight against any inflammations and bacteria. At the same time, it reduces the pain.

Even though onions can successfully eliminate the tooth pain, there are other similar methods. Here are given some of them:


– Clove oil has been proven to be a traditional medicine, which sooths tooth pain and mouth issues. All you have to do is to dip a cotton ball into a mixture of clove oil and olive oil or almond oil, and apply it on the painful area. The pain will disappear in a couple of minutes. The clove is a natural analgesic, which relives the painful area.

– The analgesic properties of drops against coughing also release the pain. All you have to do is to apply a couple of drops on the painful area and the tooth pain will be soothed.

– Rinsing you mouth is another good idea for relieving tooth pain. Also, you can use a toothbrush to clean the leftovers of food and bacteria, which lead to the pain.

– Put cucumber on the painful area and the tooth pain will be soothed quickly.

– Apply a warm tea bag on the painful area and reduce swelling and pain, with the help of postal acid found in the tea.

– Cut a ginger into small pieces. Chew them and keep it on the painful area for some time. It will reduce the pain. Except this, you can also try garlic.

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