The Best Chips To Eat If You’re On A Diet


There’s no craving as real as a chip craving — sometimes you just need that salty crunch (and no crudité platter is going to give it to you). While you can make your own healthier chips at home, that takes time and effort, and when you’re busy, you need your chip fix in a convenient, store-bought package. Don’t fight your craving, just reach for one of these healthier versions.

1/ If You’re All About The Flavors

Some people eat chips strictly for the crunch, others are hooked on all the flavor variations — but those can tack on calories, salt, and fat real quick. If you want to indulge in sour cream & onion, barbecue, salt & vinegar, and more, Popchips is the brand to reach for. You’ll get the crunch and seasoning you’re craving, without any frying, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.

2/ For The Lay’s Fans

If you want to stick with the brand you grew up eating, Lay’s Oven Baked is there for you. They’ve got way less fat than the original Lay’s, and 17 chips will only cost you 120 calories.

3/ If You Don’t Care About The Potato

If you just want the crunch, but don’t care whether it comes from a potato or not, Terra chips are a seriously great option. You’ll get extra fiber and nutrition from the veggies in their chips — for example, the Heritage Blend gives you beets, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yuca.


4/ When You Need Kettle Chips

In addition to not being fried, the baked Kettle Brand’s sea salt chips only contain three ingredients: potatoes, sea salt, and oil. It doesn’t get more natural than that.

5/ If You Prefer Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips seem healthy by nature, but if you choose the wrong brand, you could end up with way more fat, calories, and sodium than you think, but you won’t have to worry about that with Food Should Taste Good’sversion. They don’t use anything artificial, they’re gluten and dairy free, and you can consume 12 chips for 140 calories.

6/ Ruffles or Die

I know, I know — you can’t resist those ridges, but Ruffles has our backs with their Simply Ruffles Sea Salted chips. They’re fried in vegetable oil, so they’re slightly less offensive than the original, and you’ll get the same crunchy ridges you love, with much less fat.

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