Why You Need To Sleep With Your Socks On, Watch What Happens To Your Body

A lot of people remove the socks before they go to bed, however according to a recent study, putting your socks one before bed can spread your blood vessels and signal your brain that it is time to sleep.

Apart from improving your quality of sleep, this trick will improve your sexual life as well. According to this study conducted at the University of Groningen, 80% of the couples who were having sex with their socks on experienced orgasm, proven using a brain scan. Other experiment revealed that not wearing socks while having sex significantly reduces your chances of having an orgasm, which shows that there indeed, is a connection between your sexual life and socks. But if you decide to wear socks during the night, make sure to put on clean ones, since wearing the same socks you were wearing all day will increase your risk of fungal overgrowths on the feet that can be really difficult to eliminate. Adapted from: choosehealthyandnatural

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